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So is there anyone here that has done there own Konbucha>

I have some going currently. Tasty but might take a little getting use to. You can add sugar or anything really to make it fit your taste

I have the kit on the way this week. I have had kombucha before from a brand name and really like it.

My wife got a kit for her birthday, but she’s been neglecting it. I bottled up the first batch a while ago, and neither of us has tried it yet… I’m still getting used to the slimy gelatinous spongey thing.

Uber, if you don’t like saisons, I can’t see you as a Kombucha drinker! I had it by accident on tap at a place in Waterbury, Vt. (Waiting for the Heady truck to show up🙄) strange. Liquid sauerkraut

Hah… it’s not my favorite, but I can dig the commercial versions I’ve had. I’m okay with the sour, it’s the phenols of saison that I generally don’t like. Tart fizzy tea is fine. I’m trying to figure out how to add fruit to a batch before I bottle it… maybe kombucha secondary over mango chunks?

Guess you never to old to learn. I did not know what it was. But long live google now i know

Ok so i received my kit today from NB. It’s now in the fermentor. I will be tasting it in 7 days. Can’t wait!

Just reviving this… I chilled a batch I made with mango, Mosaic, and Citra, and it’s a pretty tasty drink. It’s crazy how quickly you can turn around a batch of this stuff, too. I’m bottling up a mango/pineapple one tonight, and maybe starting one with blackberry. I guess I am a damn hippy…

^^^^ were you a teen ager in the 60’s? If yes, you are… if not… notta chance… Sneezles61

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