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Kolsch yeast temp

I am getting ready to brew a blond ale with 2565 kolsch yeast that is supposed to be fermented at 58-62 degrees. I ferment in a vino temp that only gets down to 65-68 degrees. Will this cause undesireables to be produced or otherwise create any problems? Please advise

I would just use a different yeast that doesn’t like as low of temps as the kolsch yeast does. 65-68 won’t be a huge killer but i wouldn’t do it if i could easily get another yeast that likes that temp range better. You could get some off flavors, but i can’t say for certain as I fermented my kolsch at 59.

The style would suggest sticking as close as possible to the yeast fermentation range (Kolsch should have a light, slightly fruity taste - but just a hint of the fruit). If anything, I go on the cold end of the range (54F) and pitch a big starter or slurry. If you cannot do a swamp cooler or something similar to cool the fermentation, I would opt for US-05 at the temperature you have available to you.


I just drank the first pull on a 5 gallon batch using the wyeast liquid with the primary fermentation temp around 68* and it turned out fine . After Two weeks in primary, I cold crashed to 34* for five days, then kegged it, let it carb for 10 days with the set it and forget it method. Turned out fine, brew on!

thanks for the advice everyone. I went ahead and brewed because i had already purchased the yeast. I’ve kept the temp @65 so i’ll keep my fingers crossed that it turns out ok.

Keep a wet towel wrapped around the fermenter until High Krausen passes. You will get it down a few degrees with that.

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