Kolsch yeast clarity?

I’m usually pretty good about getting my beers to clear up good, but my kolschs’ always look very hazy. Is it a yeast attenuation thing or am I missing something? I use white labs kolsch yeast and always cold crash my beers. My last one did clear up over time in the keezer, but slowly.

I have a honey Kolsch that has been on tap for probably 2 months and is just starting to get somewhat clear. Not sure what it is.

The White Labs kolsch yeast cleared up for me very nicely in 4 to 5 weeks. The Wyeast 2565 takes longer unless you add gelatin to knock it out fast. Dissolve a tablespoon of Knox unflavored gelatin in a little warm water and stir it in. 24 hours later, you will have a crystal clear beer.

Thanks for the reply. Does it matter that the beer is carbed already to add the gelatin?

You can add gelatin to a carbed keg. I would add it when you aren’t going to be drinking the beer for a day or so. Also, no need to shake it once prepared and added, it will diffuse on its own throughout the keg.


Also, dmtaylo is going to kill me, but I fermented my current Kolsch @ 60 for the first 7 days, then raised it up to 65 and it reached terminal gravity within 12 days, tastes great, and is crystal clear.

I’m not going to kill you, Piet. Seven days at 60 F and then a sort of “diacetyl rest” at 65 F after that is probably not such a terrible idea. I bet it turned out wonderful.

Ha! Nice. I was mainly referring to our other thread, where you were somewhat amused by my impatience.

Anyway, took a taste and gravity read yesterday, it was indeed pretty darn good. I feel like a 4-6 week lagering will mellow some of the flavors (pear is very noticeable high upfront, then slight sulfur with a great dryness). Still a work in progress, and we’ll see what the judges think. More importantly, we’ll see what those I brew for think (including me).


Sample from the hydrometer…