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Kolsch vs. honey kolsch

I am planning on doing spring/summer party and was wandering what is the difference in flavor between the honey kolsch and regular kolsch recipe kits, FYI first time I have ever posted anything on here. thanks for the help ya ll

I have never brewed the Honey Kolsch but all I can say is. Make lots of it because it will go fast!! Too fast. It is a very drinkable brew and you’ll find people who dont normally drink your beer sucking it all down. Cheers! :cheers:

Brewed both, the honey is sweeter more wine like the more honey you add. I have done 20oz very sweet, 16 is about right. As for the kolsch it too will be very good and go fast but is mOre malty.

Also, if you have never made a honey beer and you decide on the honey kolsch) be prepared for it to take longer in primary.

People LOVE kolsch beer (many assume its a light lager) so don’t be surprised when its gone!

I’ve made both Kölsch and Honey Kölsch (slightly different from NB’s recipes), and to be honest – I preferred the straight Kölsch to the one with honey. I just felt it had a more rounded flavor…

But the advice given thus far is correct – be prepared for it to go quickly! My next Kölsch will be a double-batch for that very reason!

thanks guys for all the information, so I guess the common concessus is that I need to just do a batch of each kolsch

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