Kolsch Secondary?

Not a new brewer, but first time poster here and first time brewing a Kolsch.

Question: About to brew a Kolsch and looking for recommendations if this should go to a secondary to increase clarity or just letting this thing sit in primary a little extra, then going straight to bottles (plan to do a mix of 12s & 22s). I’m all about the easy route of doing things.


With the Wyeast 2565, you’ll need a good 5-6 weeks to clear up. It might possibly clear faster if you rack it, although I often grow impatient and just add gelatin at the end, which will drop the yeast clear in 24 hours.

With the White Labs Kolsch yeast, the yeast will clear just fine in the primary in about 4 weeks. For that reason, I like this yeast better. Others will argue that the 2565 has better flavor. I find the White Labs flavor great as well, so I’m all for the easy clearing strain!

Hmmm, was thinking of using safale US-05 because I have some extra on hand.

Using us-05 is like using an American wheat yeast in a German hefeweizen. The is us-05 will not get you the kolsch character you are aiming for, you’ll get a blonde ale instead.

If I were making and bottling a kolsch, I would cold crash the entire primary vessel and and gelatin a few days before bottling- if you don’t plan on reusing that yeast.