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Kolsch lagering

Hello brewers. I will be starting a kolsch in about a week and would appreciate some input. After fermentation, I plan on lagering/conditioning, whatever term it is. Question - can i lager it in my corny keg or does it need to stay in a fermenter with the ability to vent co2? If not in the keg, can i keep it in the primary? I avoid secondary like the plague.

Thanks to all and happy brewing.

Kegs are absolutely perfect for lagering! Have at it.

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Thanks voodoo. Pumped about giving the kolsch style a go.

I just did an alt which is a similar style. Left it in the primary a month then let it sit in the keg uncarbonated fo about a week mostly at temps in the high 50 low 60. Then into the kegerator at 38 for 3 weeks drinking it now clean and crisp. What yeast are you using?

Thanks. Using 2565 with a starter. Going about 90 pils, 10 Vienna and a few ounces of acid for some tartness. Hallertau.

I guess you only asked about yeast! Just excited to get it going

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I do my kolsch at 65 degrees.

That’s kind of the high end of the range about where I try to do most ales. Try to keep it around 60 or lower it’s a cold tolerant ale yeast.

Ah I’ll have to try that next.

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