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Kolsch fermentation question

Hey all. Comments please:

My kolsch has been in the fermenter for 14 days. I was curious so I checked the gravity reading, which was 1.014. I was expecting it to be lower. I was curious if - 1) this is of concern, and 2) if so, what I can do to lower it. I also noticed the yeast (2565) did not drop and there is a layer of yeast on the top of the wort. Following are the particulars:

  1. used 2565. used 1 liter yeast starter for 24 hours. decanted off most of the junky starter wort;
  2. consistent temp of between 58-60;
  3. airlock bubbled very vigorously (more than I’ve ever experienced) for a solid 3 days and slower over the next 4 days. no activity after 7 days;
  4. OG was 1.049.
  5. used a bucket, so I know there can be some CO2 seepage;
  6. basic grain bill - 90% pilsner, 10% Vienna, and a few ounces of acid malt;
  7. used spring water and added 1/2 of a campden tablet. didn’t review the water profile.

If it doesn’t move, this will give me 4.6%, which I’m OK with. However, I really want this to be on the crisp, dry side, so I want to make sure I’m getting what I should out of the yeast. I appreciate any comments. Cheers.

Your temp is cool… You could bring it up to mid to upper 60’s… All in all looks to be be a good grain ill. Sneezles61

Thanks Sneezles. I was thinking about doing just that. I’ve been hesitant based on my research of the kolsch style, in which I’ve read to keep the temp in the 60F range to avoid too much estery/fruity flavor. I may be over-thinking it, which wouldn’t be the first time…

I did take a taste when I did the gravity test. it’s still a little rough around the edges, but no esters to speak of. Based on this, I think I may bump it up 6-7 degrees and see what happens. Thanks again for your insight.

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The primary fermentation is done, you can now allow the yeast to finish up what bit of fermentables are left… It shouldn’t leave undesirable off flavors… Sneezles61

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