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Kolsch fermentation on track?

I’ve got a NB Kolsch in primary. O.G. was 1.048 @ 67 degrees. I’m using the Wyeast 2565, which was slow to get started…took about a day and a half to get going. Didn’t use a starter. So, here I am at the 3 week point and my intention was to avoid secondary fermentation in favor of a long primary and then bottle conditioning. I’ve just taken my first hydro reading and I’m looking at 1.014 @ 58. Temperature control has been consistently at low end of optimal range from the beginning. I’ve still got some foam on top and fermentation still looks to be active…slow and consistent with some airlock activity. My question…close it up and just leave it alone for another week or two?

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It won’t hurt to leave it another week. I would wait a couple days, take another gravity reading and if it’s still 1.014 then you’re safe to bottle

Thanks for reply matt…that’s what I’m thinking, too. The attenuation looks a little low, but I don’t think I’m going to get much more out of it. I’ll check it again in a day or two, but I think it’s about time to put it in the bottles. Cheers and happy Thanksgiving!

I brewed a kolsch and I think mine stopped at 1.014 as well, I’m here at work so can say 100%.

I have been drinking this one…very nice at only 3 weeks in the bottle.

Kgetch, That’s good to know. I actually ended up letting this go another week in primary (4 weeks total) and bottled it with a F.G. of 1.012…so I guess it moved a tiny bit more. I’ve been reading other posts about the Wyeast 2565 and I guess it just takes awhile to clear up. At this point it’s still murky and I’m hoping will clear as it bottle conditions. Was that your experience…did the yeast finally settle out for you? I thought this batch smelled great during fermentation and am really looking forward to it.

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