Kolsch - Chill Haze

Kolsch with Chill Haze: I used whirlfloc 15 minutes before the end of the boil (half a tablet). Used a wort chiller and chilled it down to 70 in about 10 minute from boil. I fermented for 2 weeks in primary at 68 degrees. Then I re-racked due to the crazy amount of trub in my primary. Then I fermented at 53 degrees for 2 weeks and put a dropper full of biofine in and slightly swirled the fermenter to mix it in. My last effort was to cold crash it at 35 degrees for 24 hours. It still has that freakin haze. :blah:

Question is, should I use Gelatin or give it more time at 35 degrees? Or should I do both?

Hmmm, I generally cold crash for a few days first, then add the fining agent. Even so, it seems to take at least a couple of days for a beer to drop clear, at least in my experience. I would try cold crashing it a bit longer and see if it works for you. If it doesn’t drop clear then, maybe try a little gelatin and see what it does.

Are you sure it is chill haze (made of proteins) and not just suspended yeast? Kolsch yeast is notoriously difficult to clear, and that makes it one of the only beers I would consider using gelatin on - if I’m in a hurry. You could simply let it lager for a month or two (which is traditional with this style) and that will clear it also.

I’ve actually got one right now that has been lagering for 6 weeks and with gelatin for 4 weeks. Still got a slight haze.

Just one of those yeast.

Thanks for the input! I will cold crash it for a couple of weeks and if there is any haze I’ll use some gelatin.