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Kölsch and Lager

I’ve got a Schwarzbier in the freezer at 50* that’s almost finished fermenting. I plan to brew the Honey Kölsch tomorrow. Can I set the freezer to 60* (US-05 yeast) and essentially D-rest the schwarzbier while the Kölsch is fermenting? Will a ~2week D-rest be ok for the schwarz before they both go down to lager temps?

I think you would be alright doing that. The bulk of fermentation is over and the d-rest helps clean up the party.

I agree. There are times when I do a lager in the fridge and then take it out for a d-rest (leave it on my cool basement floor) and it may sit there for a week or more before I send it to secondary. I don’t see a “too long” timeline for a beer to sit in primary whether it’s during the cool phase or d-rest phase… within reason of course. Cheers!

Great! Thanks guys. I will continue forth with reckless abandon :slight_smile:

You can go pretty cool with US-05. I use it in the 50’s all the time.

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