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Kolsch 62 degrees primary 52 degrees in secondary

I brewed a Kolsch style brew with Wyeast 2565 and pitched it at 70 degrees and fermented in primary at 62 degrees for 2 weeks. I hit my target FG (1.010) in primary, so I for some reason put it into secondary for 2 weeks at 52 degrees. Beer has cleaned up better than any beer I have brewed 1 week into secondary fermentation.

I know this is probably just the opposite of what I should do, but what can I expect with lowering the temp in secondary with a Kolsh style brew?

That’s exactly what you want to do with a kolsch. I would go lower, down to 33° if you can.

Thanks, and yes I can bring it down to 34 degrees. :cheers:

Let it lager there for 4-6 weeks and the flavor will meld and it will drop clear.

The way you did that will make it a very nice beer and you will be truly rewarded. Kolsch is a very good beer when fermented properly.

Ok, so it’s been in the fridge at 35 degrees for 2 days and now its cloudy (was very clear at 52 degrees). Is that something that will clear up in a couple of weeks?

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