Kojote dortmunder

Here is the story and how I came up with this beers name. Late Saturday night I decided to brew a dortmunder. Was about 9:30 or so and finally collected all my wort. Now I was ready for my boil. Fired up the burner out side on the deck and place my kettle on and went in side to check over my notes for my hop schedule times. I returned to my kettle and had just started to boil. In the distance I could hear coyotee howling and as time slowly pasted by they kept getting closer and closer, louder and louder. Thought to myself they just sound close shrugged it off and started my first hop addition. Went back in the house and started a little clean up. Came back out and there about ten feet from my kettle was a coyote smelling the wort I was boiling I startled him and he took off for the woods. Got me thinking this coyote must like beer. Through out the finish of my boil he stayed in the tree line and every now and then I would just catch a glimpse of a shadow and some glowing eyes. Kojote is German for coyote seemed only natural to use the German for a German beer.


Pretty cool story. What part of Indiana are you from? I grew up about 5 mins from the Indy/Ohio border.

I’m about a hour south of Bloomington

Assistant brew master: Wile E. Kojote. Keepin’ an eye on your kettle so it doesn’t boil over.

I’m about a hour south of Bloomington[/quote]
I grew up in Celina which is about an hour south of Ft. Wayne.