Know what i did wrong but could I have saved it

I brewed my second all-grain batch last Sunday, An Irish Blonde Ale…I mistakenly used the wrong amount of sparge water (I use Denny,s easy sparge set-up). Not knowing at the time for sure what to do, I added a gallon of water to get my boil volume…and messed up my efficiency big time… In hind sight, because my water temp was below 170 degrees should I have heated the extra water and sparged with the correct amount? Either way its a learning experience… :cheers:

I would think you could still adjust with some DME added in to the primary fermentor.

Since you were a gallon of water over it nocked your your gravity down .010 add 1lb of DME to bring it back up .010 or pretty close. You have to boil some water to dilute it in but use as little as possible and maybe a little extra DME. Cool it to the same temperature and add to the fermenter.

If you check your pre boil gravity it should be about .010 lower than your target ,considering you boil off 1gallon. That is the better time to add the DME. As far as sparge water it’s not complicated, after you see what you have in your pot after your first run just sparge withe the exact amount you need to get your pot to the volume you want. The grain is wet and the dead space is full, what goes in is what comes out.

Never done it personally, but you can sparge with cold water. You’re just rinsing the grains.
The only downside would be a longer time to reach a boil.