Kiwi Express tested out a little high and I'm worried

I did a batch of Kiwi Express tonight. After topping up the h2o in the carboy and aeration it tested out to 1.070, the kit shows it should be 1.061. A yeast starter would have been preferred but I had read that it wasn’t necessary(although it would be better). I’m concerned that the yeast will need some help. Is there any reason I can’t get more yeast tomorrow and pitch it onto the existing wort?
I want this to be delicious:)

If you used all the extract and the correct amount of water, then your OG should be what the kit specifies. Your wort was probably stratified. It’s really hard to get it perfectly mixed pre-ferment. If you’re using dry yeast you should be ok. If liquid, you probably should do a starter.



It was liquid yeast, activated and pitched at 65*. I’m going to get another packet of yeast today and add it to the mix just to be safer.