Kiwi Express Extract Kit

My Kiwi Express was in Primary for 3 weeks and has been in Secondary Dry Hopping for 2 weeks and I’m still getting a bubble a minute out of the airlock. Temps have been steady 65 degrees the whole time. I’ve never had airlock activity this late in the game, is this normal?

yes…after 2 weeks of dry hopping Id say its ready to go though!!

That’s a relief because I need to bottle tomorrow!!! Thanks.

Did you take a gravity reading? Most likely at 5 weeks the beer is done and the bubbles you are seeing is residual C02 being pulled out by the hops. Gravity readings are the best way to tell if the beer is done however.

I normally take hydro readings on brew day, at secondary transfer and at least twice before I bottle to make sure it’s ready but I can’t seem to find my turkey baster and I need to bottle tomorrow so I thought I’d just ask the pro’s. I’m in STL also nice to meet you.