Kitchensink brew

Can I brew anything with this list of grains?
3.75 lbs 2 row mild malty
4 lbs pale ale malt
1.625 lbs Dingemans biscuit malt
14 oz Dingemans chocolate malt
.75 lbs Dingemans de-bittered black malt
.5 lbs briess victory malt
.5 lbs briess caramel malt 80L
.5 lbs briess black malt
.5 lbs caramel vienne malt
,5 lbs carapils malt
.5 lbs caramel malt 40L
.25 lbs Gambrinus Honey Malt

1/4 oz tettnanger
1/2 oz challenger
1/2 oz st celeia (golding)
1/2 oz cascade
1 oz centennial

suggestions for yeast

Some knee-jerk ideas… You’d need to run these through a brewing calculator.

All your pale ale and 2-row malt
1/2 lb C-40
1/2 lb Cara-pils (if you want to use it up, optional)
Challenger at 60 min for bittering
Cascade and centennial at flameout for flavor
US-05 yeast

Nut brown ale
All the pale ale and 2-row
1/2# biscuit malt
1/2# c40
1/2# c80
1/4# chocolate malt
Maybe 1# instant oats if you’re feeling edgy?
Centennial or cascade for bittering to ~15IBU
1/2 oz Celeia and 1/2 oz challenger at 15 min
Nottingham ale yeast

…that’s all I’ve got. I think there’s a stout in there too if you can add flaked barley.

Awesome info, thanks!