"Kitchen Sink" beer

Good afternoon,

I brewed a small 3.5 gallon batch yesterday with leftover ingredients that I had laying around. I wanted everyone’s opinion as to how they think it will taste

Speciality Grains:
(1) 8 oz of British Crystal (50-60L)
(2) 4 oz of American Crystal (120)

Steeped for 20 minutes in 1 gallon of water and then sparged with an additional 1/2 gallon of water at 150 degrees.

(1) 2 lbs marris otter lme
(2) 8 oz of light due
(3) 10 oz of cane sugar

(1) 1 oz of cluster @ 60 min
(2) .25 oz of EKG @ 30 min
(3) .25 oz of EKG @ 15 min + 3/4 tsp irish moss
(4) .25 oz of EKG @ flameout

I did a full boil and started with 4.5 gallons of water. Transferred to a carboy and it looked like I had 3.5 gallons of wort. Original gravity between 1.041 and 1.047 (hydrometer not calibrated)

I used white labs british ale yeast that I had cleaned from a previous batch. Checked beer this morning and fermentation has started – nice krausen present.



A little heavy handed on the crystal, but with the sugar it should dry out. Either way you will have yourself a drinkable english bitter.

That’s what I was shooting for. Still trying dabble with various speciality grains to determine what they do/ bring to the beer. Why do you say “heavy handed?”

I personally only use 8oz of crystal in my 5.5 gal batches of english bitters. And you have 12oz in 3.5 gallon batch. But that is just my opinion. Others may say you used just enough.

Gotcha. In just a few short weeks I think I’m going to take the step to all grain. I do some partial mash here and there, but have been looking into all grain ever since I started brewing. Ultimately though, I still want to learn what each type of grain produces, as well as how each variety of hop impacts a brew. Lots of learning to do. What a hobby!