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Kiss ngp asap

I have nice pipeline of brews going so it looks like I’ll have time to fool with a lager. Thinking of skipping the flaked barley on this one but tempted to add 5% wheat (my secret ingredient) Incorporating some IPA style late hopping techniques I like.

97% german pils
3% acid malt
1.050ish 60minutes @ 150F single infusion (deviation from my 30 minute mash)

All Saaz
20 IBU bittering
2oz @ 15min
2oz 30min stirred hopstand
Aiming for 40IBU a la Jever but 50% of IBU from late additions

Distilled water with CaCl to 25ppm Ca and aiming for mash pH of 5.3. WLP830. Pitch 45F. Raise t-stat but no heat to 65F after krausen begins falling (diacetyl rest) 2 week total ferment with a few days @ 65F. Transfer to secondary, crash cool, and hit with gelatine 2 weeks @ 30F. Grain to glass 30 days…

What say you? Ridicule and sarcasm encouraged.

I do something like this, however, with that much Saaz it can taste somewhat grassy, depending on how (old) fresh the hops are. YMMV.

Mmmm. Grass. Thanks. Good point. I tend to think the lower pH will bring out less of the undesirable stuff but it might be prudent to grab some fresher hops than use the older ones in the freezer.

That sounds like a good plan. My lagers take a little longer to finish fermenting so I leave them on the primary yeast longer to clean up. Yours might be different. Also pitch the correct amount of yeast. Almost double what a Ale takes. I like your selection of lager yeast. Lately I have also been using WL833 Bock yeast with good results. Happy lagering.

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