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King Kooker Dual Burner

Anyone have experience or heard anything about using one of these as a prefab brew sculpture. I worry that the bolt-on design wouldn’t stand up to the weight of a big brew, but it is designed for the purpose of cooking things. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Links below. ... ble+burner

I’ve been wondering the same.

I looked for a weight restriction on it. Have not found anything.

This HBS is selling for. Claiming 10g boils. So it should work. ... system.php

Just make sure the structure will put the valve on your kettle is high enough to drain into your fermentors.

I bought one of these for that exact same idea. The wheels didn’t attach exactly right so the whole setup is wobbly. I don’t trust it to put a full boiling pot on the top burner.

So, unless I’m wrong, I can’t think of one single cooking or hobby purpose that require 2 burners other than brewing. So, they made this thing just for us brewers? How cool is that? Sorry to hear it is wobbly, cause I thought it would be a quick and easy brew stand.

Perhaps it can be proped up with a brick or concrete block at each corner to make it less wobbly.

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