Kiln Coffee in Porter question

I’ve never used Kiln Coffee malt before, but the description sounded interesting so I picked some up. I’ve heard cautions of using too much, so how does this recipe look to you guys?

As an aside, I’ve never used Caraaroma either, but it sounded good as well. Any feedback on its application would be helpful too. Thanks.

Expected OG 1.061

9 lbs 2 Row
1 lb Munich
.5 lb CaraAroma
.5 lb UK Chocolate
.5 lb US Caramel 40
.33 lb Kiln Coffee

English hops to about 32 IBU

Also, haven’t decided on yeast yet. I have WLP 001, 002 and WY 1318 currently available.


That looks like a good recipe. If it were me, I’d probably cut back a little on the choc. and lay in more Munich (I love that stuff), but that’s a matter of taste. I’ve only used the Kiln Coffee in a stout that also had roasted barley and chocolate in it, so I didn’t really taste it in isolation, but the stout was pretty good.