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Kilju, Cider, and Wine

Hi, I’m somewhat new to the brewing game but I’ve done a ton of research and a few batches. I’m just curious to see if anyone has any information to offer or ideas to toss around regarding the brewing of kilju, apple cider/ applejack, and wine. Please post something, I’d be glad to get any kind of feedback on this.

It seems like your new here krawl,

Each different sub category is broken down for you to read/ search about the many differing aspects of brewing fermented beverages.

As you will see this forum was started in the late 1990’s and has millions of threads relating to the subject matter you speak of.

You can look/ search/ post on this forum to answer many of the questions you have, such as your question posted today that I am answering for you.

Here are some handy links you may want to use in the future:
Cider making:






Have a good day.
Also for the love of all that is good. Please don’t make kilju that stuff is nasty dude.

Thank you much. You have a great day as well

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