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Kickin' up Oud Bruin de Table!

Howdy ho! Wanting to kick up the Oud Bruin De Table AG a skotche, and wondering what yall might suggest that wont affect flavor too much. Afraid of uber simple sugars b/c o/ extended aging in oak barrel, don’t want to wear out yeast early. (valid fear??)

I know the appeal o/ this Flanders is it’s session strength, but I want to give er a little more pep in 'er step!

Cheers all!!

Add a few pounds of belgian pilsner malt.

thanks abrown! just about to get the yeast in mail, so brew planned for wed! will put this to work. Probably just add volumes of it in ibrewmaster until it hits a grav I’m happy with, unless you have a suggestion. Thanks again! Cheers

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