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Kettle to keg cream ale question

Is twelve days long enough from kettle to keg for a cream ale?

Fermented at 59 for seven days and then raised temp to mid/high 60’s to help clean it up. Should I give it more time, or should it be good for this style.


Take a gravity reading. Then 2 days later take another one. If they are the same then you are probably done.

I’m not so worried about the actually ferm being down. I will test that to confirm. Was just wondering if will a cream ale that is enough time to mature.

From my experience a cream ale does not need specific aging. If you are kegging and do a set and forget for a week, you should be fine

thanks. That is what I was thinking.

Think I will keg it tonight or two. Plus I really just want the carboy open. Want to brew another beer this weekend and I don’t have a open carboy at the moment. If I had one open I would let this one go for another week or more.

You could always just put a touch of co2 in the keg to get the oxygen out and let it age in the keg for a week or so before carbing. I think it ages faster when warmer and without full carb, but I could be wrong

Geez, I almost always let my cream ale ferment in primary for 2w and then cold condition in a secondary for 2w, then move to kegs. I currently have 22 gal of cream ale that I brewed last Friday night and I would not consider kegging it until at least 3 more weeks. My pipeline is really full though so that also affects my decision.

thanks. I think I will just suck it up and wait it out. It’s a style that I have never drank or brew.

Can it not cold condition in keg?

[quote=“muddywater_grant”]Can it not cold condition in keg?[/quote]Sure you can. That would save two weeks.

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