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Kettle souring question

Hey guys,
Sunday afternoon I added lacto to my wort after boiling for 5 minutes and then cooling to 90 degrees. The instructions say to let it sit for one to three days and it is day three now and there is only about a tear drop size of white bacteria forming on the top. I know you can check the ph balance but I don’t have means of doing this today and I also took a small sample and would like it to be more sour than it is. I have also kept the the wort at a constant 75-79 degrees.
So my question is, should I wait for an entire blanket of white to form over the wort or should I just go ahead and brew it up as is?

Thanks in advance

I would heat it up to kill the lacto. The wort will not taste as sour because there is sugar still present.

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I usually only give it a day. 75 is to cold. Think body temperature 90 - 100

Ah ok I was using a ferm wrap on my kettle so I wasn’t able to keep it that warm. I jut started brewing it and it smells plenty sour!

Brew_cat does it usually form an entire blanket on top within the one day span?

It turned out decent for my taste. It appears that many of my friends and family don’t enjoy sours. More for me and the wife I guess :slight_smile:

I brew many beers for myself. I still brew stuff for the general public also. You have to remember people have been drinking the same stuff for years so when they taste something that doesn’t taste what their expecting they go ooo I don’t like that. I notice that with IPA now. It used to be ooo that’s to bitter now people can’t get enough.

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Very true. My thoughts on brewing also constantly change. I want to brew beers that are unique and cannot be bought everywhere such as Up as and the like. I do notice more gose type beers popping up. Or maybe they always have been and I just started noticing because I really enjoy them and never knew what I was looking at before I became interested in brewing. What a terrific and mind consuming hobby we all share.

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