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Kettle dip tube clogging

I have a new kettle with a dip tube of about 45degrees. Past 2 brews it’s clogged with hops/trube when trying to run through my counterflow chiller. I’ve had to drop in the ole’ immersion chiller, and siphon out wort, this is killin’ me!

B/c of the angle o the dangle it seems to be picking up out of the middle of the trube after whirlpooling, instead o/ picking up off the sides as does the Blichmann et. others.

Suggestions please! I’m sure I’m not the first to run into this, right? Yall be good, and thanks for any/all help!

Do you have it all the way on the bottom of the kettle if so raise it up and just leave some wort in the kettle.
I figure to waste 1 half gallon or more otherwise just get a false bottom and use whole hops.

So have the elbow flat flush with the ball valve? Still angled a little bit down?

Which way is it turned try it flat and looking from the front have it aimed to the left and when you swirl the wort stir it clock wise see if that helps.

thanks for all the input! I brewed this Sunday with a decent hop bill, and it turned out really well. Thanks for your advice!

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