Kettle diameter vs Burner diameter

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I’m a long time reader, first time poster. So let me start off with a thank you to this wonderful forum! It has been very helpful!

tl;dr: 65,000 BTU burner 14" diameter boiling 10-15gallons water in 19.5" diameter pot. Is the smaller diameter detrimental?

I have a question about burner efficiency and kettle sizes. I’ve searched through a lot of information but can’t seem to find something that answers my question.

Here’s the scenario: My brewing mates and I recently decided to step up to 10 gallon brews but there was a bit of a mix up with the equipment supplier… we ended up with 2x 20 gallon kettles instead of 15 (not really complaining). Despite the increased kettle capacity, we are still aiming for 10 gallon brews (our mashtun is the limiting factor). However, some concern has been expressed that the new diameter of our pots is too large for our burners. The pots have a 19.5" diameter and our burners have a 14" (with 65,000 BTU).

I think our BTUs are fine for boiling 10-15gallons of water and wort in a reasonable time (please let me know if I am way off on this!!!) but will the smaller diameter be a serious draw back?

My pot isn’t quite as wide it’s only 16 3/4 60qt and my burner is the same about 14" base ring and burner is probably 10" flame and I don’t seem to have issues. Only two batches in with it so far but it works.

I wouldn’t worry about the BTUs but rather the stability of the burner and BK.

I believe in the end you will get what you need, finished brews to enjoy…. I have a 75,000 fer my HLT and a 150,000 fer my BK…. I see the difference is in the regulator… Low pressure and high pressure…. My rings are the 14" also, for both…… I wish some one made an upgrade mistake like yours for me :cheers: Sneezles61

First off welcome!

BTU wise you should be fine. I used a 35K BTU for years to do 10 gallons. Burner size wise, I think most of them are about the same diameter. I now use three 200K burners for 25 gallon MT HLT and boil kettle. Without measuring them I think they are about the same size as yours. They sure can suck propane.

Thanks so much for the reassuring replies!