Kettle and drawing off your wort

I have a 15 gal flat bottom kettle, I have been using a “u” shapep bent piece of copper to draw from the side of the kettle once I finished chilling. I use a Jamil style RIWC. My problem has been that the coil of the chiller doesn’t allow for a proper whirlpool, and during recirc I have been getting clogged. It isnt a problem unless I have already reached the danger zone of cooler temps which is what happened today.

My question is: how do you have your kettle set up? how do you keep the cold break and trub out of you fermentor?

thx in advance!!


I use a rigid pick up tube with the end smashed slightly ran against the side of my kettle and gravity feed through a CFC.

On my 20gal kettle I have a pickup tube and a weldless valve. I can turn the valve upwards to keep the pickup well off the bottom during the whirlpool. Then I turn it back down when I’m running off to the fermentors, not before the level gets low though.

I also have it set up where the pickup is aimed in the opposite direction as the whirlpool, that is, the whirlpool isn’t pushing stuff into the pickup tube. I don’t know if thats a big deal though.

Finally, my whirlpool tube and the chilling coil are separate so once I am done chilling I pull the coil and continue to whirlpool for another ew minutes. I think this helps me get a nice cone of hop material at the center of the kettle. The trub settles flat along the bottom though. I tend to accept a bit of trub in order to get all my precious wort.

Wouldn’t a false bottom keep a lot of trub from going into the fermentor?

I think they screen out hops (not sure about pellet hops) but not the protein gunk.

Use one with whole hops and they will also strain out most of the trub but it will also collect most of the pellet hops.

a false bottom would make doing a whirlpool pointless wouldn’t it?

Essentially yes.

FWIW, I also use a copper pickup tube run to the edge of the kettle.

Greg, with that setup do you have to bag your hops or can you throw them in loose?

I toss them in loose

My dip tube is to the bottom CENTER of my converted keg. Pump it all to fermenters. Stop worrying, make beer.