Keggle Boiling Question

I make 5 gallon batches in a 15.5 gallon keggle. I enjoy not having to worry about boil overs like in my SS turkey pot, but, once I get to boil and tame the burner back to get a nice rolling boil all I see is steam. Anyone have a trick on how to take a peek at the work? (put pennys in the pot but that just lets you know it’s boiling)


Move up to 10 gallon batches? :smiley:

i put my hand up against the edge of the pot and peek in between my hand and the edge

I thought that I’d never have boil over problems the first time I used a keg for a 5 gal. batch…lesson learned!

Thanks for the replies. I’m in the Chicago area and brewed outside today with my new Blichmann burner. With it being 30 deg. outside and high wind it wasn’t a good test for it. Although I tried stirring the wort while chilling with my immersion chiller and I was from boiling to 66 deg in about 10 minutes.

Have always wanted to try a 10 gal batch but my mash tung is 12 gal so may be a challenge.