Kegging without CO2?

Hello All,

I have a hair under 5 gallons of extra pale ready to come off of 3 weeks in the Primary. Rather than go through the hassle of bottling, I thought I would use the 1/6th Sanke keg my brother-in-law gave me. I only have the keg though, and would be buying the CO2 setup and MFL Sanke adaptor later, after my keg sits in the fridge for a while.

Will I be okay with the headspace not being purged with CO2? Or should I wait until I get everything and just bottle this batch?


I would leave it in the fermenter until you obtain the necessary items needed to keg it. Put your fementer into your kegerator and it will drop clear by the time you get the CO2.

I bet you would be fine kegging it with out the CO2. After all, in the bottles there is O2 when you cap them.

And with a sanke style keg, the spear is spring loaded so the CO2 produced will no escape before it hits full pressure.

I’ve keg primed with sugar before. So the CO2 part is fine (use less sugar than you would bottling, I forget the amount but you can find it online) and the only question is if you feel confident enough that you’ll have the keg system set up as soon as you’re expecting…

I wasn’t considering keg conditioning, just forcing, but that is something too, eh? As for the CO2 rig, I am piecing together one within my budget on Amazon. Funny, I’m finding the same brand names as elsewhere, but way cheaper! Who woulda thunk?
If worse comes to worse, I also have a tire inflator for my motorcycle that uses cylinders 4 times the normal size, and I can easily adapt an airstem to fit the coupler on the keg…but that would be a last resort.