Kegging without a keezer

I’m brand new to kegging, although I have about a dozen batches (bottled) under my belt, I just picked up up a ball lock kegging system. However, I don’t have a keezer yet so the beer would not be refrigerated although it would be held at about 58degrees in the basement - which should be okay during the winter. I’ve looked for information on this site and others about whether this is a good idea and what sort of pressures it should be run at to properly carbonate but have mostly come up mostly short on information.

I know that the beer can hold more CO2 in solution at lower temps, so I’m thinking I would need to ratchet up the pressure to get more gas into solution. This might end up as an ongoing empirical test where I pressurize it to 15psi, wait a couple days, check results, and gradually increase pressure as necessary over a couple weeks until I achieve a proper level of carbonation without getting a mug of foam.

So the question is: Does anybody have experience kegging without using a refrigeration system and what are some tips and tricks to speed me along the learning curve?


You need to reference a carbonation chart for the pressure/temp needed for a specific carbonation level.

For 58*, you need between 18 and 23 psi for a normal carbonation level.

Then you need to have the right length of line to “balance” the pour (little foam),

I might start with ~15ft of line. If it pours slow, cut 6" off and try again.