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Kegging question?

Hello I am sorry if I posted this question before. But I set my single Co2 regulator to 40psi to burst carbonate my beer I keep it at 40psi for 24hrs an then lower it to 30psi for another 24hrs an then lower to serving pressures but back to the question at hand like I said I set it to 40psi but I notice after a few hours my gauge is showing an yes my single gauge Co2 regular an tank are inside my refrigerator. I am hoping everything is working all right?

Should be fine. Me do forced carbonation for 3 days at 20 psi. Shake the keg in the beginning. For about 30 min. Than i set it to serving pressure for about 7 days. Comes out fine. My co2 tank stands out side the fridge. Drill a hole into the fridge. And got a 5 connector block. 3 for tap conection. 2 for forced carbonation. My gas reg. Has 2 gauges. So i can set different psi.

Do be careful drilling through the fridge sides or back… The refrigerant lines are hidden in there somewhere… If you are lucky like me… you’ll drill right through them… Sneezles61

Looks like the beer is taking the CO2. Leave it where you set it at 40 long enough after a while it will equalize and show 40. Low pressure guages will read correctly inside the fridge. If you had a high pressure gauge that is used to give you an idea how much CO2 is left, it will read low in a cold environment.

I have to say again that though I have quick carbed many times with high pressure I’m not a fan. Results vary and you can get beer with a “soda pop” fizz instead of a nice rich foam. Set it and forget it at about 12lbs for a couple of weeks is the way to go. Priming and keg conditioning works well for me also but again takes a couple of weeks.

@sneezles61 is right about drilling a fridge. I have blindly drilled a couple and with sheer luck was OK. It is nice to have the tank and regulator outside for a few reasons. You can check it and replace the tank without leaving the door open. The high pressure gauge reads right and you gain some room inside.

My thoughts on drilling a fridge, freezer or whatever cooling chamber. See if you can find some kind of schematics from the manufacturer first. Don’t go through the back. There seems to be a lot of “stuff” inside the rear wall. Pick a spot then drill a very small hole just through the skin. Wrap tape around the drill bit to stop it when it just penetrates it. Poke a piece of wire through the hole to feel around for any obstructions inside like a coolant line. Cross you fingers and drill away or get someone else to do it so you can blame them. :laughing:

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