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Kegging Noob

… and it shows. I kegged a breakfast stout and a pale ale about a month ago. I noticed a strong boozy taste in both kegs. Come to find out I drank everything that didn’t freeze. After thawing, I’m left with mostly water. Live and learn…

OUCH! sorry to hear your plight. I do like your freeze distillation process, though!

I had that happen once while cold aging a particularly strong ale(fridge gone wonky). When I realized that it froze, I considered letting it thaw but since a third was already gone due to too much sampling (LOL), I decided to transfer everything but the ice to another corny, oaked it just a bit with Hungarian oak beans, conservatively dry hopped it for good measure, and let it age undisturbed for a couple months. The result was shockingly good. Wish I had more than just 1 case of old 7oz pry-off bottles…this would be a good candidate for those.

One of these days I’m going to purposely give a new batch the same treatment. I hope it turns out as good as the accident did. :?

Did the temp controller fail?

I just used it like a regular fridge, no external temp controller because I’m not picky. Just should have put a thermometer in to see what the temp actually was…

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