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Kegging need quick awnser

Kegggers, have you ever rinsed a blown keg and put a new beer in without taking it apart and cleaning, I t seems it woud be sanitary if the old beer was not contaminated,

I’ve done it once when putting the same style of beer in the keg. Didn’t ruin the beer or anything, but not exactly best practice.

I would just quickly rinse out the keg and then hit it with some starsan. If you rushed, it would only take you 3-5 min.

Agreed. I usually rinse my kegs with oxyclean then starsan and usually push a little of both through my kegerator with each keg swap, but I don’t always take the keg apart. I only do that every few swaps.

I usually wait until I have several kegs that need cleaning and then break them down and soak with PBW and sanitize. However, If I have a keg kick and need it in a hurry I will just rinse it out with hot water and then sanitize with starsan and refill. I have not had a problem with that short cut. Makes me wonder if all that cleaning in between is really necessary?


I also normally have a keg of water on tap (for whatever reason I’m a big fan of ice cold fizzy water) and in a pinch I can dump that, santize and fill.

Normally I do the same as what has been posted, rinse with Star San, run some through the tap then fill with fresh beer!

I also love ice cold fizzy water with a hint of beer line flavor but right now I have all my taps full, and all my kegs full too. Kind of a nice problem so I am buying fizzy water for $.79 a liter.

Well, no homebrew is sterile, so I always clean and sanitize. A 30 minute soak in hot PBW then 5 minutes of StarSan doesn’t take too long.

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