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Kegging Hefeweizen

I am interested in brewing a Hefeweizen. I have read that you want to forgo the secondary fermenter, just using the primary for three weeks then bottle. That way you can swirl the bottle to re-suspend the yeast before consuming the beer. That sounds logical. My question is I keg my beer, what do the other brewers do when kegging this style of beer? Do you pull out the keg every so often and shake it up to re-suspend the yeast?

I regularly brew hefeweizen and I never worry about shaking the keg. There is so much yeast still around that the haziness doesn’t go away for quite a while. Taste is never affected. The first beer after the keg has been sitting usually has a good amount of yeast from settling in the keg. Also, you aren’t looking to enter this into competition so it doesn’t matter what it looks like. Just drink up and enjoy!

No I will not be doing any competitions. I only have about six batches I ever brewed under my belt, no pun intended. The last four are all grain. I was concerned about the yeast falling out and getting a glass full of yeast. I did cut about 3/4 of an inch off the dip tube to help from not picking up settlement from the bottom of the keg. So I can just go about as normal with the Hefeweizen when kegged?

Yes it behaves like any beer, and generally stays cloudy for some time after kegging. You can swirl the keg periodically if you want, I haven’t seen the need myself.

One of my favorite beers is Franziskaner. I would love to brew something similar to it. Any idea where I can find a kit like that? ... &form=QBRE

I haven’t had the need to swirl my kegs either. But, they do not sit long at my house.

Nighthawk, thanks for the info for the Franziskaner recipe. Did you ever try to brew one? I don’ have a LHBS that would carry the grains. I suppose N.B. can handle that for me?

I have that problem with anything in a keg. :lol:

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