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Kegging disappointment

So I’m fairly new to kegging, and so far it’s been great.


How do you deal with the crushing disappointment of spending an entire Friday looking forward to a pint or two of one of your brews only to have it kick without even getting a single pint?

It’s like waking up thinking it’s Friday only to find it’s Tuesday.

Hah… I have a keg, a co2 tank, regulator, gas line, 2 perlicks, and no chest freezer or beer line. I even put a batch of porter in the keg but haven’t finished my setup yet. So close, but so far…

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Somebody drinking yer brew while yer gone? The perp needs to be sought out and severely flogged!! OR, where you sampling all week and for got to check yer keg level? Either way, you do have some in the fermenter, right? Sneezles61

Sounds like a pipeline issue. Gotta keep after it.

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Absolutely. And you need a staging fridge that can keep kegs cooled and carbonating while your drinking out of the kegerator.

The pipeline is actually pretty good. I have an Oktoberfest ready to go that the boss lady says we can’t tap until its actually October. (I’ll go along with that one.) A batch of our host’s Grapefruit Pulpin just went in the keg yesterday, and is also carbing for next weekend. Then there’s an Irish Red, that’s probably done fermenting, but I’ll leave it a while just to be sure. Plus a mixed case of home brew bottles and even some commercial.

It’s just that we were making tacos, and I REALLY wanted my Dead Ringer…


Remind her that in Munich Oktoberfest runs from the third weekend in September to the first weekend in October. So if you wait until after 10/2 you have technically missed it. Worth a shot


I went online and October fest started September 16th this year! That how I planned my O-fest. 20 peeps, 10 gallons,…… gone…:scream: Sneezles61

Damm did got that issue had bbq party. People drink my brew. Got now only two kegs full. And beer still fermenting.

Wow, that’s like 4-pints each. I hope no one was driving.

We are lucky to have every one close and a DD. Sneezles61

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Here on island they dont care. Just drink lots and see how you make it home. Damm they drink way to much of my brew. I did buy cases of beer for them. But they did drink my brew. Means they did like my beer more. Gave me a good feeling

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