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Kegging co2 question

Hey guys,
Just started kegging last week. I filled two corner kegs and hit them with 10 lbs of pressure and vented a few times to make sure to get the oxygen out. I have them in a chest freezer with a that No control set at 45 degrees. Went to take a first pour off of the one keg that is under pressure or so I thought. I accidentally turned the supply valve off so that there wasn’t any pressure going into the keg but it was reading 10lbs and I kept adjusting it to keep it in this vicinity over he past 5 days. Realized my mistake when I could hardly get a pour. I opened the valve. Hit the keg I was storing with 10 lbs until it stabilized after venting a few times and then reconnected to the keg I want to use first. It’s set at 11 lbs now and I am hoping I didn’t ruin these two batches without having them set on a constant co2 pressure. Do I just have to wait another week or so until the keg carbonated? I vented the two tanks at first to see what the issue was and got very little pressure relief

No harm to your brews… Your just going to have to tough it out until it comes around… I’d pull a pint when ever you choose… You’ll start to notice a difference. Leave the gas on and at what ever serving pressure your thinking you are going to serve at… Do check for leaks… you don’t wan to drain a bottle of CO2 for nothing! In a couple of weeks, you’ll see why many of us prefer to tough it out ! Welcome to kegging!! Sneezles61

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What @sneezles61 said. The nice thing about kegging is most mistakes can be easily fixed. Too much carbonation, disconnect the gas and release some until it comes around. Not enough, leave it hooked up and/or turn it up a notch. It will take a while but once you get to know your system you will wonder why it took so long to keg.

One suggestion. If you are only force carbing in freezer, CO2 dissolves faster in colder temps so try in the 30s. If you are serving one keg and force carbing another you may want the temp higher for the serving keg. It will still work to force carb but may take longer.

Definitely check for leaks. It sucks to blow out a newly filled tank the first day. Also consider a spare tank. They know when it is Sunday, you have a gang at the house and the CO2 guy is closed. Ask him about just paying a deposit rather than owning the tank. When it is time for the tank to be hydrostatic tested, it will be the CO2 guys problem. Plus many times you can just swap the empty for a full without waiting. The tank might not be nice and shiny but it’s what’s inside that counts.

Thanks guys. I was thinking about getting a second tank and I just ordered a double regulator the should be here today so I can have them hooked to gas at the same time. No worries on the leaks, I build air valves for a living. Thanks again guys.


Well then when a CO2 leak post starts, I would suspect you’d be the man with a plan!! So to speak! Sneezles61

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