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Kegging Bottled Beer

I have a Belgian dubbel that has been in the bottle since March. It has very low carbonation. I searched for this question in the history to no avail. Can I pour my bottled beer into the keg and force carbonate it? What’s the downside?


Yes you can do it. I’ve had good results with first getting the beer very cold, flushing the keg with CO2 and then setting it on its side with the gas post up and a block under the end to tilt it a little. Then have a small CO2 flush going while uncapping one bottle at a time and pouring gently down the side and as the keg fills, slowly straighten it up. Then flush a couple more times and carb as usual.

You may want to try putting the gas on the “out” post after you fill the keg. Then purge the keg. That way the CO2 is going up through the beer and pushing out some of the O2 that may have going into solution.

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