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Kegging beer after cider

Hello all!

I have a question that I couldn’t find an answer to. Is it “ok” to keg beer after I have had cider in the keg? The cider ended up with just a very slight vinegar taste to it, so i dumped the rest (about 2 gallons). I was going to clean as normal with PBW and then sanitize it of course. Should I be worried that even with excessive cleaning something will still linger and affect my beer?


Not if your cleaning and sanitization are up to snuff AND you replace all 5 seals. May also want to boil the disconnects and poppets (and pressure relief valve if you have it) as added insurance.

What Chester said, especially replace all 5 O - rings and split the poppet and post apart for sure and soak/rinse/sanitize all parts like this so it all gets a deep clean, run a dip tube brush down your dip tube etc… One of the biggest parts though is the inside top of the keg where the posts attach. The slight “bump” inside where it forms the post “foot” can harbor dirt and critters. Just make sure to hit the inside top good with a scrubby or brush whatever and/ or invert the keg with sanitizer so it has time to sit in those hard to reach areas for a minute or two. You will need to pressurize the keg after putting sanitizer in it so it won’t leak out of the lid when inverted of course.

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