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Kegging above 60F?


so i got all the keg gear, but don’t have space for the actual freezer … ( well, i do, but the basement storage in this NYC building isn’t powered :frowning: )

so - can i still achieve a reasonable success kegging at 60-65F, and then tapping to a 22oz pop top for a final rest in the fridge before serving?

Doable, but tricky.

To achieve the carbonation level you want, you will need to have the regulator set to a high pressure. To dispense, in a cup or to a bottle, you will need to have a long tap line or lots of plastic spirals in the line the get the pressure to drop so you don’t have a fire house spraying.

This relates a bit to a question that I have always had. I’ve wanted to get a second regulator and a manifold to carb gets before they go into the kegator, similar to the OP. If you carb at a higher temp, say 65, and then chill to 40 (either via a fridge/freezer or ice), would the pour be OK with a normal length of beverage line?

I do agree that pouring at 60F would require a lengthy beverage line.

Yes SoaK,

Find the Volumes of CO2 you are at inside the fridge. The cross reference it with the temperature and find the PSI needed for outside the fridge.

Say you serve at 40* and 10psi. You have 2.30 volumes of CO2.

At 65*, 2.30 volumes of CO2 requires 25-26psi.

When you set it in the fridge and allow it to cool for a day or so, it should pour perfect.

I keep a 20lb tank just for carbing and carb outside the fridge. This way they are carbed and ready to drop into my kegerator as needed.

I ended up biting the bullet and finding space for a chest freezer. too much hassle trying to sort out a pour at 60F+ - and several miles of pipe wasn’t very appealing :confused:

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