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Kegged it!

I put the Kama Citra in a keg yesterday. That was my first dry hopped beer. It was in the 1st ferm 2 weeks, for the 2nd ferm, started in one ferm and had to change to another due to too much head space. I was afraid of oxidation happening. My FG 1.100,OG 1.600 - 1.650. I set the pressure in the keg 10lbs and waiting it out for a few weeks.

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Hey, once it’s cold… You could turn the gas up to 40 PSI’s, push the gas through the liquid port… Shake it vehemently until it won’t take more gas… Disconnect and return it back to how you serve it… I like to leave the extra gas pressure on in the keg for a few hours before you have to bleed off the extra pressure and get to serving pressure…
This speeds up the process and it works fine…

Hopefully, if I read that correctly, you won’t have any oxidation issues from racking a total of 3(?) times. Drink it fast!


So far so good!! I don’t have issues at this point.

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Sunday tapped the keg and to taste. CO2 is not there yet. The color and taste is there. I released the CO2 and the aroma was fantastic. I moved the pressure to 15 lb from 10 lb. I need to try this to see if it works. Practicing patience.:slight_smile:

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