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I was wondering if I buy a kegerator that holds a 5 gallon keg does that mean I can put a homebrew keg in it or just a keg from like a vendor? I dont want to build one if I can just go ahead and buy one and just hook my keg in and go. Im kinda new to this so bare with me. The only stupid question is the one that you dont ask right?

Most kegerators that hold a standard, commercial keg have no problems holding corny kegs.
I got a Haier kegerator that holds a standard 15.5 gallon keg, converted the tap to a tri tap and fit my CO2 tank and 3 corny kegs in it. It’s tight but it works.
Most that you see online should give you an the inside dimensions and many list how many corny kegs it can hold.

You’ll just need to change the fittings.

Changing the fittings out shouldnt be that big a deal right?

Right. And keep the Sanke fittings for commercial kegs.


This thread shows to parts needed to convert from the commercial kegs to the soda kegs. You may need different soda quick connects if you go with Coke kegs instead of Pepsi. (pin v. ball lock)

And yes, keep the sanke connector. You never know if you might need to to dispense a lighter commercial lager at a party.

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