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Kegerator First Steps

First of all, thanks to all those who advised me on this, particularly Mr. Muller (of Mullerbrau). Went to work on it last night, and got it operational (though not particularly pretty). Minimal air leaks that have been addressed

In need of tap handles, drip tray, maybe some Bond-o for the dents, a coat of paint (am likely going to use a hunter green Rustoleum I have leftover and some chalkboard paint for the offerings), and a shelf for the rear kegs so I don’t need bungees, but a good showing so far. I figure a drip tray can go over the gas bulkhead.

I’ve been kegging for a few years, but due to prior space constraints, have only had a picnic tap set up that i had to serve out of my fermentation chest, which put a constraint on new brews.

One thing I learned the hard way (RIP +/- 1 pint of brown porter): connect the bev line to the shank PRIOR to hooking up to the keg.

additional pic of process

Nice to have 3 regulators, particular if you’ve got a wide variety of styles on tap.

that secondary is really nice. I like the hand dials in lieu of the screw-turns, which is what I’ve always had prior.

Moved this over to the draft section. Nice looking set up BTW. Much more professional looking than the fridge kegorator I had.

Pietro, I did a similar conversion on a freezer with 4 taps in the door. I have a stainless steel drywall mud pan for a drip tray. … /100403179

I fastened it on with epoxy.

It works fine but I do sometimes wish it had a grate on top to sit the glass on.

I can’t wait for the day that I have a big enough basement to make one of these! You guys are makin me jealous with all your kegerator/keezer builds!

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