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Kegerator Faucet Question

I’m in the process of designing/ordering materials for my kegerator. I’m running 6 taps and I’ve had a hard time finding a decently priced drip tray. I finally found one for under $20 that is 19.5" long. If I used that, my faucets would have to be 3.5" apart. Is that too close together? Is there a minimum distance you want to put them?


Not sure if there is a standard but as long as your tap handles aren’t 3.5" wide, there should be plenty room to pour a beer without hitting the other taps. BTW, a pint glass has a diameter of around 3.5"…go figure.

I did 4 inch spacing on mine and it seems roomy. 3.5" would probably work fine. What are they running through?

I’ve got them going through 2x6 and then 1x8.

Make 'em fit and make a trip to the hardware store if it doesn’t work out!

Where did you find the $20 drip tray, I’m in the market my self Stainless Steel Drip Tray DTS-419

I think they only have the one size, but it should work for me. I’m sure as you’ve found out, they are crazy expensive elsewhere! This one is pretty basic with no drain in the bottom, but it will work for me, or I’ll make it work, for that price.

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