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Kegerator condensation on the outside

Hi, we just bought a kegerator. I keep it on the patio. I’m having issues with a lot of condensation on the outside of the unit, especially on the top. We live in San Diego so it’s not too terribly hot. Any ideas?
It’s a Beverage-Air BM 23

Did you check for leaks or cracks anywhere?

How is the compressor constantly on? If so, that would lead me to believe there is a crack somewhere causing cold to escape into the body, and then condense on the outside.

Did you notice there was a kegging/draft forum? :wink:

I have the same machine as you have bought. I have some condensation just above the door on the stainless steel from the door seal. What really sweats is the tower. With the forced air blowing into the tower on humid days the condensation actually drips down the outside of the tower. When I run the de-humidifier the tower dries off. If your cabinet is sweating then cold air is escaping and condensing on the outside. I have to agree with stompwampa, there is a seam or crack that needs addressed. Can you move it indoors where you have a de-humidifier or air conditioner running to see if it helps? You may need to contact the place where you bought it while the warranty is good.
Good Luck

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