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Kegerator build questions

So I am finally building a kegorator and I have a few questions. My brother, who is a metal worker, is building me a stainless tower and I was looking at the tower shank assembly at ( Does anyone know what the depth and drop of the tailpiece are for this item?

Also does this list look like everything I will need? I already have a regulator and 1 faucet.

(1) Air Distributor - 2 Way (Check valves with 5/16" nipples)
(1) Perlick Forward Seal, Stainless Steel Beer Faucet (With Handle (FA903)
(2) Flare Tubeing (FFL to Barb) Swivel Nuts (1/4" to 5/16")
(2) Disconnects (Set of 2) for IN (GAS) and OUT (liquid) Ball Lock 1/4"MFL
(2) Flare Tubeing (FFL to Barb) Swivel Nuts (1/4" to 1/4")
(1) Faucet Handle, Standard, Black
(10’) Beer Hose, Clear, 3/16" ID X 7/16
(10’) Gas Hose, Red, 5/16 ID, 9/16 OD
(2) Shank, Tower Shank Assembly (Stainless Steel Shank upgrade)
(1) Faucet Wrench
(4) Oetiker Clamps (11. 8) for beer lines
(6) Oetiker Clamps (13.3) for gas lines
(1) Oetiker Clamp Tool

Am I missing anything?

You’re using a tower, make sure that has all of the nuts and flanges you need. (Looks like that shank is complete).

Re: shank depth. Email Ben, he is always super helpful.

CO2 Tank.

Kegs! Lots of them!

Thanks for the reply spykeratchet. I just emailed Ben about the tower shank. As for the kegs I already have some and will continue to collect them. I also already have a 5lb CO2 tank but I am considering getting a bigger one. The tower should have all of the parts needed to mount it, my brother who is building it builds them for bars for a living.

Sounds like you’re set. I have a 10# and a 5# co2 tank. I use the 10 for carbing in the chill chest and the 5 for dispensing in the kegerator. I like having them separated.

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