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"Kegco" C O 2 regulators

What’s your take on them, do many use them?

I inquire because I purchased a new one a few months back whilst still gathering equipment, ( new, in the box), from a place going out of bidness’.

Took it out to leak check it on a fresh bottle of gas the other day, and as soon as you crack the bottle open, it lifts the “manual” pressure relief valve.

As far as the “PRV”, I don’t recall seeing one on regulators before . ... /co2.shtml

There are a couple of regulators at Beverage Factory that have PRV’s. Never seen on in person or have knowledge of your manufacture.

Took it off, ( the PRV), and capped the port, I have to pick up some seal washers and give it another test.

I have a big wish list filled out for McMaster-Carr, and they will be on it, along with a wad of Corny keg o-rings for a “rebuild weekend”!

Did some more testing on it, suspicions confirmed…It’s a cheap a$$ regulator!

Doing a little browsing at my LHBS, and looking over his regulators.

Several brands on the shelf, with one “Kegco” sitting there…So I start inquiring about regulators, different brands and styles…Conversations reaches the one in question and I asked,“Do you sell a lot of these Kegco’s?”

He says “Yup, and I give a lot of refunds on them!”

He then pulls out a box with about 15 or so of these regulators in them…“Junk box”, he called it!
Said the amount I saw in the box had been generated since February, when he started handling them.

He said the main problem is the tanks losing pressure over time, with no readily detectable leakage when doing a standard leak test, ( soapy water).

BUT, put it in a trash can of water, up to covering the regulator body, ( but not the gauges), and in about 10 minutes you would see small bubbles seeping from the regulator body.

Just some info for ya’, should any others be wondering… :cheers:

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