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I just came a crossed a nice score. I got 8 ball lock kegs and 2 6.5 gallon carboys for 100bucks!Some of these kegs do not have a pull pin or lever system to release pressure. Just looking for some info. Also two of the kegs have nothing to release the pressure…that I see? Two of the kegs are semi full also. The one I have determined is either water with some sort of lime scent to it or soda. However it did not taste sweet at all. The other is a stout but it comes out like a milkshake. I can watch it in the serving line if the liquid sits it turns into foam almost instantly. Whats the deal with that? I wasn’t sure if this was done with nitrogen or whats going on.


possibly a pin lock as opposed to a ball lock? if so there is still a release valve, you just need a flat head to open it. i really dont know, im trying to get into kegging myself…i wouldnt dare taste whatever was left in a keg that i bought though! dump all that out, wash it with PBW and sanitize! sounds like you got a great deal though…shit im looking for something like that! im hesitant to spend $40-120 on a corny keg. even though at the rate im going collecting bottles from $9 6 packs isnt a better deal, lol. i just spent $45 on a 6 gallon carboy + accessories alone. well done.

Those lids have Static Relief Valves. You will need to vent out the post.
Keg Connection also sells a pull ring valve assembly that you can install in the lids using a unibit.

Great score! Congrats!

the other reply is right i have the same kind of keg and i just use a screwdriver to vent out the post and im very bitter at that awesome buy i got all mine at about 50 bucks a pop.!!!

Sorry boys this is only my second time using this…the first time reply’s where forwarded to my email. I thought this question was a bomb. Thanks. I have tried releasing pressure through the post and using a rubber mallet, no luck so I plan on playing with it sometime when I get more time. I got on for another keg question. One of these used kegs I rebuilt and am now having problems once it is full with my latest hop bomb red ale/amber. The serving line turns to foam. At first I thought the out poppet was clogged. So I pushed air through it let it settle. Same problem. I removed the line and tried my other two lines that are brand new, same prob. It also pour slow, really slow. So i filled a keg with some water and put pressure in it; sprayed out the serving line like a champ. The keg full of beer I just compressed the “nipple?” on the out poppet and it shot beer out great also. Looking at the port more the nipple seems to be slightly cocked. Do you think the new o-ring is not seating right only opening the valve slightly with the serving line on? Should I de-compress the keg and remove that post, inspect dip tube and replace with a working out poppet? Thanks everyone and I will just jump on the forum for results. Sorry for the short worded response I am currently running late for work…smelling like beer that sprayed all over my. Thanks again.

if you dry hopped then its possible that the poppet is clogged with hops, take it apart and check that. just reread the post sounds like that isn’t the problem.

This was one of the really old kegs I bought. I replaced all the gaskets and somehow I got a gasket inside the post…“think I just had everything sitting around on the keg playing with the post on and off.” Dumb mistake; really easy fix. Unfortunately once it was pouring right the keg was kicked two days later. Time to make some more.

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