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Keg to bottle

I picked up some kegs and started kegging. The only problem is friends and family are demanding home brew. It’s my own fault really, when I bottled I could bring a six pack or twelve pack to placate them. I have been filling growlers and growlitos but it’s messy and wasteful. What’s the proper method to limit the spillage?

You’ll get a variety of answers, but I’m very happy with the Blichmann Beergun.

However you choose to go, note that it is best to chill your bottles prior to filling to reduce foaming.

I have a beer gun and love it. BUT I only use it when bottling an entire batch.

What are you serving your kegs out of? Plastic party faucet or tap faucet? If you are using a tap faucet you can buy a growler filler that fits inside the faucet and works like a dream. If party faucet a bottling wand will fit inside and allow you to fill from the bottom up as well.

I again agree with KC about chilling the bottles. Another tip is to either lower the gas pressure or take gas off to slow the flow.

For filling 1 liter flip top bottles I use the picnic tap with a short piece of hose. I’m going to try your idea about the bottling wand . I heard about freezing the bottles before filling helps also. Do I have to modify the wand ?

No modifications needed. The wand fits right into the picnic tap.

I like this method. Just sold my beer gun as this works just as well and way less time consuming. Greg Muller (Mullerbrau on this forum) does it straight from his perlick faucets (, see vid at top) , which I just tried recently with great results.

I checked out brau’s site. Great homebrew setup, very inspiring . I could only wish

he’s a man amongst men.

I won our Masters pool and could finally justify blowing some coin on a homemade kegerator (similar to his), and I am a changed man. The newest Perlick model rocks.

Mine is a apartment sized fridge with two kegs and picnic taps, I’m so ashamed. I’m going to keep my eyes open for a freezer on the bottom though.

Has anyone had any oxidation issues using a bottling wand on their pinic tap with decreased pressure? I tried to bottle off a wee heavy and it tasted great in the keg, but not so much in the bottles just a month or two later even using oxygen barrier caps. I switched to using a cut down racking cane with a stopper to apply more counter pressue, but I am unsure if it made a difference.


The guy at the home brew store cut me a piece of stainless steel and put it through a stopper. Sounds similar to what you did with the racking cane. Haven’t tried it yet but he swears by it.

Tried it today. Works perfect . Took the gas line off first and easily filled a twelve pack. Hardly any waste. Wear rubber gloves the co2 coming out of the stopper is very cold on the finger tips.

Huh, I’ve never had that problem. I bottled up 24 a couple nights ago with the picnic tap with stopper and bottle wand method.

Maybe I have to reposition my fingers. I always were the gloves bottling anyway. I feel it’s easier to keep sanitary and reaching in and out of star san gets the bottles slippery.

I made a counter pressure bottle filler with a racking cane (the end cut at a 45), a #2 stopper (bottles) and #6 stopper (growlers), and the cane attached to the other end of a growler filler. I pretty much bottle like Joe Fisher does in this video.

Since my Perlicks are different than Joe’s (mine are the 525ss) I have to use a small piece of tubing that slides over the tap that holds the growler filler to the tap, with a worm clamp on the tap side and another clamp on the filler plug side. I have to do it this way if I’m filling at serving pressure mainly because my growler filler uses the double Orings instead of screwing into the tap like Joe’s.

I’ve had great success this way. When I bottle, I don’t cap til I have foam start to spill out the sides. I have very little waste and wind up with the same amount of beer as I would using a wand and bottling bucket.

It doesn’t get any easier or cheaper than this MullerBrau bottling from keg demo

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