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Keg System for first timer

I could use some advice. I am getting sick of bottling, so I am going to give kegging a shot. I found the following deal on MoreBrew, but I feel like I am missing something after seeing NB’s price ( … d-keg.html) of $161.96 . They seem like the same, but I would need to by a $99 CO2 tank from NB too.

Basic Homebrew Draft System - Ball Lock
KEG400 ... _Ball_Lock

• 5 gallon rebuilt Cornelius keg with new gaskets
• Product line assembly with hand held style faucet
• New aluminum 5 lb CO2 tank
• Gas line assembly
• Dual gauge regulator with check valve
On sale for $180.95

Is this a good deal?

Looks like a complete set to me. 1 nice thing on the More Beer kit is the disconnects are threaded. That way you can change form Pepsi to Coke easily.

Have you looked at Midwest Homebrew Supply’s pricing? Not sure if they are less or not.

Look at Midwest they have a variety of kegging deals one with two kegs and a dual regulator with tank for $199 they are Coke kegs.

I buy all my crap from Kegconnection. Your order would be 183 shipped.

I wouldn’t buy a new CO2 bottle - your cheapest option for refilling CO2 is to do an exchange at a welding shop (or similar) and you will pay a lot less there for a used bottle. Also, go with at least a 10-lb or even a 20-lb bottle, which are a LOT cheaper to fill than a 5-lb (per lb of CO2 that is).

+1 to that.

You may have better luck locating a CO2 cylinder locally for short money. Look around. Welding supply & fire extinguisher shops may have something that will fit the bill. Shipping a cylinder can be expensive because they are heavy.

It should be noted that not all locations swap cylinders. All three of the ones that I go to will fill your cylinder while you wait. They also charge less for a fill than they do for a swap.

Also, be sure if you’re looking for used cylinders that the hydrostatic test is not expired. Test is about 26 bucks which can make the difference between a used and a new cylinder.

Can you use an aluminum scuba tank for CO2?

$26 for a hydrostatic test! I need to find where you go!

I doubt you will find someone to fill a scuba tank with CO2 without requiring you to change the valve. Huge liability.

If you are not using the scuba tank, sell it and purchase a CO2 tank. But then, you may want to keep it and use it to oxygenate your wort.

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