Keg style question

I just received this Keg as a gift

it says soda keg…am I going to be able to use this for my beer???

As long as any reference to non alcoholic beverages has been removed, yes you can. Get busy with the grinder. :cheers:

nothing of the sort is on it, so I guess I dont need to buy a grinder, good thing

I just got worried when I saw the words Soda on the website for it.

can anyone point me to what I need to make to get this working?
I know I need a CO2 setup
a tap to pour the beer from
an ounce of intelligence

anything else?

All right. Just kidding.

That is what 98.466% of home brewers use. New or decommissioned kegs from Pepsi (ball lock) and Coke (pin lock).

Minimum needs:

  1. Disconnects. 1 gas, 1 liquid. Get the threaded (not barbed). Then you can change form Pepsi to Coke kegs easily.
  2. picnic tap.
  3. co2 bottle
  4. regulator
  5. way to chill. Can be the garage for now if it doesn’t get much below freezing in there. You can serve at “cellar” temps if you don’t mind a slightly warmer beer.

Many videos on youtube to get you going. And a Draft section here with lots of info.

cool all I need is CO2 then


I have two kegs just like yours. I love them. Get yourself one more each of gas and beer connects for the keg. Like Nighthawk said, buy the threaded couplers, it makes everything so much easier. I bought some food grade “O” ring lube. It made connecting the couplers to the keg easier. It is not necessary, but I cut about 3/8 off the dip tube to get it off the bottom of the keg. That wastes some beer, but I haven’t picked up any sediment that may have settled over time. When I force carbonate, I use the beer post and send the gas up through the beer then out the vent valve. Make sure you give it at least three good shots of CO2 @30-35 pounds to expel O2. :smiley: